A serenade is a musical composition, and/or performance, in someone’s honor.  Serenades are typically calm, light music.

The word serenade is the translation of the Italian word serenata, derived from the word sereno, which means “calm”.   readmore_03_tparent30_twinkles


Gounod Serenade(France)
for a Victor-Marie Hugo poem


SERENADE – E. Toselli
Indulis SUNA – violin
Ilga SUNA – piano


André Proulx – Toselli Serenade


Nightingale Serenade (Toselli Serenade)
Andre Rieu


Drigo Serenade


Serenade – Joseph Haydn     click_here_04_no_directn60_transparent
Serenade – Schubert     click_here_04_no_directn60_transparent



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